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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> in just hours, our region r will be dealing with another.nor >> stop it. sto it. >> round of snow.>> >> all right. some areas could see anywhere from one to 3 inches. 3nc >> i said stop it both of you. y this time around officials inics d.c. maryland and virginia virni aren't taking any chances. chanc d.c. mayor muriel bowser has sent o it a statement saying by noon today the district dtric plans to deploy more than 200 plows.ow mayor bowser says the plows plo will remain in place until thenl threat of snow he is gone. g >> you can track the storm and o get updates from the fox5 theox weather team throughout thero day on and the the fox5 d.c. weather app. >> well, it all came down toown
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this. last night's super bowl, wisdom, went to the denver broncos.broncos. >> i wasn't playing. >> well, wisdom. weldom. >> we picked our teams tr teams everybody knows who you took.owo >> i had theto broncos.ronc the broncos defense dominated dn as they beat the panthers 24ant to 10. game m.v.p. vaughn miller led the defense that had seven had s sacks and forced fourd turnovers. if you were looking forer offense yoe u were in the wrong place. place. peyton manning he tried to do his thing, 13 and 23, 141 yards became the firsthe quarterback to win the super bowl with two different franchises but was that hisut last hurrah? that's therah? ts question that's still up in t thhae air. last night manning says heng ss doesn't know.dokn he doesn't want to make aak decision during an emotional eti time period. per it was party name coloradood as broncos fans celebrated thede team's big they also poured into the streets to celebrate and the empire state building lit upg lt orange and blue to celebrateo cb
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the broncos they tweeted this picture out to congratulate the team.atule h interesting side note, broncos coach gary kubach is the first f head coach to win a super bowl b for the same team that he usedt to play for back in the day.fora >> pretty cool.oo >> i think peyton manning isnk the first to win p for two for separate teams and the oldest td quarterback to >> lots of firsts. >> passed john elway who ishn ew his boss. >> we'll be talking much moreta about the super bowl during this newscast of coursers through the i want to take you overseas. ove two more survivors pulled from the rubble following a massiveai earthquake in taiwan. tai more than 30 people were peo w killed nearly 500 injured at least 130 are still missing.sing officials say detectors usedtors at a collapsed highrise foundhrd more than two dozen people pe alive but trapped under the rubble. the 6.4 earthquake hit earlyit e saturday morning.ay mor >> in the district now thist morning police are still investigating a violent crashvia that happened near nationals nio park. three he people were taken toakt
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the hospital.pi it all started with the driverhi who was trying to get awayet awy from polic at least one car was completely mangled. a bumper was found wrappednd wpd around a light post at a nearby intersection.ntersect one victim was ejected from f the vehicle. vehle that person was transported tond a hospital withth life-threatening injuries.ning two other people, a woman and her child, were also involved. e both were sent to a hospitalpil with nonlife-threateningteng and the search continues this morning for the person for who shot two t people in northwest saturday night. night one of them a toddler. toder someone fired several shots ines the 5400 block of georgiaeorg avenue and a little boy inside s a nearby business was grazedze by one of the bullets thatle came through a window. thrgh a w a man also hit in the leg. l police are asking anyone withit information about this case to call. >> turning to politics the newhw hampshire primary is tomorrow tr but candidates are out todayut t hopping to persuade voters.eot this weekend bernie sandersernie hit the trail in new hampshire. right now sanders holders 58 percent of support from
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likely democratic primaryemocray voters compared to hillaryillary clinton's 35 percent. 35 rc on the republican sidonlicai trump took a shot at jeb bush for bring hug mother barbaraothe with him to campaign in new trump leads the competition by double digits. during hillary clinton'sry campaign stop in flint she f took a position on the city'sy' water crisis calling itling i she demanded that congress approve $200 million in$200 miln emergency aid to address the crisis. clinton is that hoping narrow n no's will not abspringboard into the primaries. the michigan's primary is marchs m eighth. >> the united nations isei condemning north korea's longea range launch of a missile. still images released showhow leader kim jong un celebrating the launch.thlaun many countries believe theieve e launch is cover for ballistic bi missile a-test that couldhat c
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reach as far as the unitedasth states. the un security council calledle an emergency meeting to meeting discuss next course of action. new clues in midair explosion on a plane somalia.ala video footage shows two menhows handle wag looks like a lapto laptop. at least one of the men t m delivering the laptop was an airport employee.ort emee. they believe the laptop-like la- device was the bomb that caused the explosion. one person was killed when the e explosion blew a hole in the the the plane made a safe emergency landing.. >> 4:35 is our time right now.ew we want to head down to gary g and i know everyone's up in arms about the possible snow.eno >> that's right.>> t >> but i'm going to embrace g itoi, gary, because it's only,nl what, a few inches? i mean,n, come on we handled 2 feet. >> across d.c. i think there's going to be a sharp cutoff theut way it's looking right now so northern counties a little bittl
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more snow. sw. you start getting -- betweenween baltimore and philly, i think ik that's where there's going toree be somewhat of a bull's eye up here's the latest wintertinte weather warnings out there. basically you can see d.c. isd i not included. ilu half of montgomery county not included, prince george's georg' county not included.nclud. those counties bordering i-70boi and back up i-95 towardsowards philly that's basically where bc we're going to end up with u wih something so we have a winterhan storm watch in the purple is the winterhe w weather advisory back out toacko the west. th the thinking here there'sether going to be a little bit moreitm snow north and east because it will come under the effect of e the clip erin initially anditia then get a little bit snowit from the coastal that t develops, too, so there's aso ts couple of chances for snowf chaw there. here in town now it'st' 36 degrees, dulles 32, 32, winchester you're cold,ol martinsburg super cold, too.old, clear skies back out west this w morning, so that's allowing aow temperatures to rapidly dropid d off. looks like we'll get into someno clearing here before we end uped with a little bit of snow of coming in.n. temperatures this afternoonures
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we're talking middle 40's. 40' a few spots in the upper 40'spp' and we will have some lateat showers initially a little bitle of rain and then later on thise evening mixing over into aver little bit of snow and thennd t tonight and tomorrow we'llorrow' talk about how mucllh snow thers is. is. coming up in the full forecastl we'll look at how much snowuch we're thinking and how muchow mh snow we're going to get in toeti kind of the jackpot areaa there. we'll take a crack at that.t. and then real cold stuff coming.coming we talked about this last week, how it was going to getoit cold this week so we'll haveo wh all that for you.orou right now we've got to get turin who is in with a lookoo with your monday morningy moin trach. >> i'm bracing myself for theng commute tomorrow. right now we're quiet. mmm'rqui. no problems around the capitolht building as you make your waye y out in any part. par not seeing any crashes. crashes. we have ongoing road work.ork. 95 southbound approaching 212ac2 watch out for that in prince ine george's. then as you make your way out 66 east in fairfax road workd wk in the right lane approachingppc the bin laden. keep it to the left. it traffic is moving by fine atby f that location. loc no alerts from metro if youro are taking them as they gear gea
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up for service. for servi a live look outside top of the h beltway will show you whaty w you're up against.yoag nice i'm going toce guess a lot ofsst people may have been up lateavep last night for the super bowl and may be sleeping in today. t if that's the case and you're ar out and about early thisar morning keephi in mind are youio flowing just fine on all ofn alf our majors around the area. a that's your traffic.'sour back to you guys.o >> when we come back horrifick f video out of baltimore where aol driver ran down a woman overanve the weekend in a popular area. plus adnan syed back in bk court today.ur the family of the woman he was convicted of killing speaksil out about a request for a newqua trial. we'll be right back. pals pas 
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>> ♪ >> 4:41 now. let's take a look at some of the stories coming out ofs baltimore this morning.coltth three men under arrest for aor triple shooting that happenedha inside a restaurant over therhe weekend. police say the shooting wasotin the result of a fight thatightha started inside the santa clara a bar and restaurant in the fels e point neighborhood.neigd. three men are the each face charges of firstf degree attempted murder.ur one of the victims is in in critical condition. conditi the other two are expected to survive. now around the same timehe s in that same baltimore neighborhood awhile seen and a scene caught on camera.caug a 27-year-old woman is inn serious condition. she was hit by a man who was w driving his van erratically errc through the streets. str baltimore police say this say ts started with a fight inside a bar that spilled out into thelld street. the driver of that van started a ramming cars and drove up onto u
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the sidewalk in an effort to eff get away from the people p banging on the van. police arrested the driver ari few blocks away and say he was drunk.k. he faces multiple assault a destruction of property and reckless endangerment charges. and more testimony expected today in the hearingng for adnan syed. s e fense lawyers will get ans chance to question an fbi agent who specializes in cell tower analysis.we now, last week an alibieek witness came forward and they at had syed was with her at the time of min lee's murder.ur his case became well known forlr the popular podcast serial. s over the weekend the family of min lee released a statement condemning his lawyer's lawye efforts for a new trial. releasing a statement. statement >> some of our favorite favorite moments from the super bowls
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last >> first though a check of traffic and weather. snow in the forecast, gary.e rea >> oh, yeah, everybody hasrybo heard by now, more snow on theoo way. we're going to talk about thatt plus really cold temperaturespeu coming up the latter part ofr pt this week. full forecast is next plus traffic, too. stay with us. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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>> a live look outside. 4:45 is the time. yes, more snow headed our way.ay i'm just letting that sink in. so, you'll see trucks out there pretreating the roadsng r today, which is a good so, here to tell us more about how much we're going to get, goi when, where, how it's all is all going to come down.e d >> we should be talking about -- ou >> we just got rid of the piles we had. they were just melting and nownw this. >> there are still some pilesome out there.out >> as long as it's not up to t my waist i don't care. that's where i am right wrei now. >> it's all perspective.
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>> it's all perspective.erspect. >> i understand.>> i don't think it's going to be up to your waist.o yo wai >> one to three.. >> up to your ankles. ank >> yes, you guys, are snow warriors, right. right >> right. rig >> yes, >> everything is okay after, okt you know, after what we did have. ha i'm actually kind of more ofor worried about the cold towardsow the end of the week than i am basically this but i'm going g say right now, it's 4:46, it'st' a tricky one. o last big storm was not a a tricky one.kyne. this one is tricky becausekyec we've got so many differentifre ideas going on with what may happen here with this snow.hi s karen, i thought you straightened my tie. karen, straightened my tine it's all crooked.'s a crooked. here's what's going on here.t'gh thank you, karen. karen we have the counties here -- h wait a minute. she's coming after me. she's got that look on her face. late tonight through lateough le tuesday, and we have basically the winter storm watch, now sto this is what's just north of nth us. it does not include d.c., does.d
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not include the southernouthn sections of the montgomeryns county and down to the south. o i do believe everything isown h pointing towards that there's going to be a sharp cutoffutof from maybe on one to 3 inches oo snow here in the city toity t basically nothing down to the south, but southern maryland there's a little wrench in your forecast. and then it's winter weather advisory back out to the westhew here. so, this is basically lateasal tonight through late tuesday. t. temperature right now is 36.w i3 look out west here. martinsburg is 22, winchesterchr is 27. real cold out there.he there's clear skies.. pittsburgh is 36, columbus 37.o. detroit is 40. and then down to raleigh it's 32. how many times does raleigh,gh s-raleigh colder than detroit? something is going on.thing is clouds back out there, that's what's keeping the temperatures up through the midwest. we have one storm system offm s the coast now and we have the h beginnings of another clipper cp is. you can see it swirling backi here coming into the midwest, md great lakes,, too and as thatt gets closer, to obviously it'sl' going to have an influence onluo
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our weather. most of the snow we get thate ga will be from that clipperfromha coming across but the clipper tc is going to jump over and create -- not create the coastal low but it will have ava development of a coastal lowst he which will rob the clipperli of its energy. energ here's where we are at 5 o'clock tonight.onight. clouds in place, we'll become cloudy.dy. later this evening we start toni get some snow, a little bit ofio a mixture. mixtu we could have a few rain fewai showers prior to all of this ofi coming on and then as -- this is the clipper influencing us now. now this is where we get thee g t potential for the one to 3 inches. tomorrow morning still someti sm snow then we get the energy of thehe coastal low take over throwing w more snow back on us at the uatt end and it comes again latein l tomorrow afternoon andernoon a tomorrow evening.tomo evening. really we have a couple ofhave chances for some snow and i really don't think all of this h is clear yet with what's going i to happen. it does look like that the the heaviest of the snow is going ig
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to be to the north andth a northeast, between baltimore bti and fill, i think that's whereth you're talking about three to 6 inches. we splay to move that lineth l down a little bit more. i just want to see more t information. here we're one to that includes d.c. and then and back up along i-70 initially inl from frederick over to boston -- not boston, bosto baltimore and then downn farther south from d.c. south.c. you're talking about a dusting s to one but there's thehere possibility that we have toy th change that and southern maryland could get a littleou g bit more depending on exactlyxa what's going to happen withith this coastal s snow likely tonight and tomorrow, okay. oka clouds on wednesday.edneay look what happens on thursday. the bottom drops out of theof temperatures and for highs we're only talking rightng rht around freezing.ezg. lows by the weekend will be ini the teens, maybe by sunday bsu only temperatures for highs inr the 20's. that's polar vortex stufftu coming down to see us late late week.we. so, a one-two winter punch on this seven-day forecast. sev
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here's erin como with a lookmo l on your traffic. your traffic >> you know that's not goingat to be good for the m'sorningor drive tomorrow gary.e torrow >> no, it's not.>> no, it's not >> we'll keep you updateed.d. >> probably not wednesdaynesday morning, either.he >> exactly.>> exaly as holly mentioned salt trucks k out today pretreating thetreang roads. but you want to plan ahead foror tomorrow morning if you'rening heading to work or schoolchool making your way out in thehe wintry blast definitely takelaef your time if you're going to gng be driving around.riving around. 66 eastbound right now quietow weather conditions, road work r in the right lane approachingroc the beltway. beltway. keep it to the left. i traffic is moving along just j fine.fine. 95 southbound in princethbound r george's right now road work approaching to give yourself a little bit of lt extra time to get through thatht area. still a lot of green on thelot map. 95 northbound looking reallyng r nice as you make your way too the bottom of the beltway. belty top side of the beltway from of colesville to old georgetown grg traffic moving along fine. you can see the outer loop, l inner loop really light volumehl right now. ri i don't think a lot of peoplet o are waking up too if you're taking metro, all lines on or close to schedulecl and as you can see just very juv few drivers out and about. and got you covered if and when ande that changes and if you have if
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an early morning flight toli catch right now traffic on therf way to bwi, reagan national asnl well as dulles is lookingoo really nice. back to you to you >> thank you, erin. >> ♪ let's talk about some of the nongame related highlightsis from last night's footballs otbl game. >> yeah. lady gaga opened with thee national anthem and i have toha say i wasn't sure what to s expect. >> right. >> she. >> nailed it. >> she was incredible. >> i liked it. >> now, we've already established i'm a crier. c yes. by the end of it i was crying,sr the flyover, it was --as >> the flyover got me.erot m i thought she did a great job gj but i was reading some of the people comparing it saying theof greatest of all time, i'm sorry i still think whitney houston's was by far the best. b not to take away from gaga.m g she did an amazing job but i but think each person puts their t own spin on it.inn >> i think it was so different than the way she normally is, everybody was like whoa, she whs is t
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>> and the way she looks. she totally brought a bro different vibe. >> and i felt like she feltt lis the moment was special, too, you know what i mean?ea >> she looked so mature and iatn say that with all due respect. e like you feel like she'sik she coming into her own, she's confident, she brought it androi it was >> another big moment from thet game last night bruno mars brunm when he came out and joined coldplay for the half time show. sh it was a snooze fest.ozfe now, i love bruno mars and the t way he performs.erfo everything about this washing cool. co the outfit, they looked kindkeki of old school with those gold te ropes around the neck. n >> homage to m.c. >> and i loved the whole m.c. mc hammer tribute because he was doing all the mc army moves. >> he's so smooth.ot >> he is. isn't he smooth? yeah. >> incredible. >> i will say i enjoyednoyed coldplay more than i thought i would.
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>> right.>> r. >> here's the thing.>> h i don't even like this songhion and i know everybody does like this song but seeing brunoin b mars do this, the way he did d it is awesome. >> yeah. >> beyoncé working on the field turf in her heels. h h >> i watched. watch >> there she s i >> but the end of it was really great. great. they all come together. >> yeah.ea >> bruno and beyoncé goingceoi yeah, we brought it.t. >> i loved her homage toome michael jackson with thatl ja outfit, though.outf, that was very cool. >> look.>>ook. >> who is the dude in the middle? [laughter]augh >> who is that dude? >> coldplay did that thing, they were complemented by they e other two. >> coldplay knew their coldplay realized listen thisish is not about us.bout we're clearly out of our element here but we're goinghere make the best of it i'm thought everyone shined laster night so there youyo go he.
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>> and then there was peyton. we'll talk bowne later. >> oh, yeah, there was a game, also. >> beyoncé's surprise new songpw formation that dropped onhated saturday may have more couples headed to red lobster. lob this is an interesting story for valentine's day dinner. >> ♪ >> all right. rig. well, okay.well, o we can't repeat the exact lyrics on tv but beyoncé bon basically said if herman ishean good to her, she'll treat him tt to red lobster so obviouslybv the restaurant has to takee advantage of the publicity.ubci some critics say red lobsterobst didn't really seize theeize opportunity. i don't know about all that. a i think formation is like theio anthem right now so there you sy go.go. the restaurant tweeted cheddarhe bay kiss kits has a nice ringit to it. the restaurant had this h thi response. our bad. we're really busy for somee reason.
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thanks b.thks >> i wonder if they paid her h to do that or she randomlydomly gave them a shout out.hout o >> i think it was random. >> i bet that was ran >> that's a bad businessusin decision if she gave them free pub. >> you can always use more.anay >> the woman announced hernc h world tour to 100 million people at the super bowl howe ro genius are y to do that? like, man. >> right now i could take onee e of those cheddar bay biscuits. >> i'm glad to know you'renow'r worried about beyoncé wisdom. >> financial problems in. >> i'm a businessman.'m >> that's what we call him a. >> wisdom looks out for theut f businessmen. >> do wwhen we have things that are business related we go he to business to this it's coldes in spots. not too bad here in the city. c we're above freezing. freez 36 here in town. t esmperatures dropping like aur rock for martinsburg. you guys are down to 19. to you have clear skies out thatt
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way. with the clear skylight winds wn temperatures are stillatur dropping. culpeper down to 25. 25. we'll drop a little bit more li here in town,, too because itus does look like the clearer skies creeping in our direction. most of us have sunshine and and then things change during theshg day. more clouds, chance of showers s late this afternoon, just as rn few and then we get into the mix and then we get into the snow. big area of rain out to the to east of us. that's a very strong coastalonga storm which i think even was aaa little stronger ann littlenit closer to the coast initially.ny that's why we ended up with so much cloud cover yesterday.te back to the west there'st another clipper forming. fmi highs today in the middle 40's, some in the upper 40'ss generally sunshine, coolshe, conditions.itio talking snow in the fullsnow inl forecast throughout thest t morning here. tricky forecast ahead as well.e. here's erin como with a lookithk at your traffic.ff. >> well, 4:56 right now and and taking a look at our traffic, tf 66 construction just cleared car eastbound lanes all opened and e good to go as you approach theh
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beltway. no problems in manassas orassas centreville so good news there. quiet weather start to the dayst as w 95 south still an active workivo zone approaching 212 a little bit of caution but b the good news is it's not causing slowdowns.. the outer loop we have debris db at new hampshire.ew h don't want to start monday morning with a flat tire so caution through that area.thrott other than that traffic volume o is light on all of our interstates and secondaries inds the district.e we'll keep you posted.osd. metro on or close to we'll let you know if thatt changes.yo holly. >> thanks erin.hank e let's get a quick check on e the stock market before webefo head to break. china's markets are closedma thisrk week for the lunar new singapore and hong konge and hog markets are also closed.s today european stocks are up u and u.s. futures are down.ures d we are back right after this. 4:57 right now. nudg
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mr >> time now is 5 o'clock.. making history. history. peyton manning and the broncos heading home as champions. chamo we'll find out what makes thiss win so unique straight ahead. ae >> it is monday february 8th fer and there's snow. sorry.rr so how much are we going toh e i get? gary has the forecastor coming up in about five >> in fact we are going toct check with gary in about five minutes. so we say good morning to youni it's 5 o'clock. 5 i'm holly morris alongw


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